Sunday, October 29, 2006

post 26

This past weekend Amanda and I went to Robin Wirfs' for a Halloween Party. After that we drove out to Andy Kartchner's grandparents' home to hang out with Andy, Adam, and Ashley. We stayed up way too late and then went in to Lincoln City the next day (the grandparents live about 10 minutes away from there). Well we (Andy, Amanda, Ashley, and I) went to the outlet mall and were then on our way to get some food. While moving very slowly as to not block an intersection Debra (no relation to us) ran into the back of our car. It is the craziest thing, because one minute you're sitting there talking, and the next your head stops moving after it bounces off the back of your seat. You're like, what the crap just happened? We all pulled over and got each other’s information and went to her home, which was not far, and got her not expired information. Anyways, we are all a little sore, but doing well.

The crappy thing is that we just got our bumper fixed from someone else hitting it while we were in a parking lot. That dent wasn’t as bad, and if I had known Debra was going to hit our car I wouldn’t have gotten it fixed before. What are you gonna do?


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

post 25

Well I am at the library right now and I am supposed to be working on a paper that is due tomorrow. It is not a major paper or anything, but I do want to do a good job on it. But I can never seem to get myself to actually get started or to keep working on the things that I am supposed to. But I really should get it done because I want to get lots of sleep tonight so I can work on my other things that I have to get done tomorrow. School is keeping me very busy. Sometimes I wish that it would just go away. But then what would I do?